Financing and Leasing in Kelowna

Hiring new staff, renting or purchasing your office space and buying vehicles for your business are probably some of the greatest investments you need to make. These expenses can be especially costly for small and medium-sized companies. However, you know that it will all be worth it in the long run when your business starts to grow and you finally arrive at your break even point. And there is no need to worry because Isuzu Kelowna is here to help you by making the purchasing process less stressful. Our experts will help you find the financing and leasing options that best suit your needs and budget.

Financing Your Isuzu Truck

It can so difficult to find financing options that suit your budget and needs, especially when you have a startup company. Most financial institutions, such as banks, have strict rules and inflexible financial terms. However, our financial experts at Isuzu Kelowna are willing to work with you to find the perfect payment plan and terms that suit your needs and budget. Our number one priority is to support and enable local businesses to flourish. So even if your business currently finds itself in a tight financial situation, we are ready to help you find a way out. All you need to do is apply for credit today and one of our financial specialists will get in touch with you and walk you through the entire process. It’s really that simple.

Your Leasing Options

You don’t have to commit to any vehicle in particular if your business requires you to keep updating your business capacity. This is the reason why, at Isuzu Kelowna, we also offer a leasing option. This gives you the possibility to update your commercial trucks every couple of years. Leasing a truck almost works like renting one, so even though the vehicle does not completely belong to you, you can use it for all your business purposes for the duration of your leasing term. And once your lease comes to an end, you can renew your lease or get a brand-new truck.

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