Finance Department


At Okanagan Drives Credit, we provide affordable financing and leasing options for individuals and companies. So whether you are purchasing a Ford truck, a Buick sedan, a GMC crossover, a Honda minivan, for yourself, or an Isuzu commercial truck, for your company, we are here to give you a hand and help make your dream come true.

Even with no credit or bad credit, we can help you find the financing plan and terms that best fits your needs and budget. At Okanagan Drives Credit, our main goal is to help you finance the purchase of your vehicle while also assisting you to build or re-establish your credit. And thanks to our partnership with several major financial institutions, we are able to find a solution for you despite the situation you find yourself in.


Okanagan Drives Credit is all about making the purchasing process less stressful and more enjoyable for you. Unlike many other financial institutions, we offer affordable loans and financing rates. Furthermore, our credit application process has been simplified to make your life easier; you don’t have to worry about the numbers anymore, we will do all the calculations for you. However, we will explain the entire process to you in simple terms so that you understand, that way you do not have any surprises down the road. All you need to do is fill out our online credit application form and one our experts will get back to you.


We offer leasing options for those individuals and companies who would like to drive a new vehicle every few years. But do you know what is the difference between buying and leasing a vehicle? With leasing you get affordable loans with shorter payments. While if you buy a car through a financing plan, you will require longer payment terms in order to have the same rate as when you are leasing a vehicle. Leasing a vehicle also gives you the possibility to drive a brand-new vehicle every few years, because at the end of your leasing term, you can decide between renewing your lease or leasing a new vehicle. All you need to do is weigh your options and determine which alternative suits you best. Please contact us for more information on our leasing options.