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about the program

This program educates our participants on what leadership is and isn’t, as well as emotional intelligence, mindset, mindfulness, team building, collaboration, and much more. With intention, we’ve designed this program to simultaneously develop leadership skills along with personal health and well-being. We believe that as we grow on a personal level, our professional selves and careers naturally evolve as well.

On the business side, our goal with this program is to help our leaders with retention, engagement, productivity, teamwork, and Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) ratings. 


At Bannister Automotive Group, we know that our people are our secret weapon and driving force, and we believe in consistently investing in them and showing them how much they are valued.

We pride ourselves in the fulfilment of our long-term team members and actively seek ways to help them unlock new levels of success in all areas of their lives, in turn creating a more engaging culture and experience for our customers.

In this first phase of the Bannister Leadership Development Program, our team members were able to remove limiting beliefs, shift perspectives, create new insights, become more empowered and confident, reduce stress levels, and come to work as even better leaders.

How Do You Define Leadership?

Brandin Wilkinson, Director of Leadership Development at Bannister Automotive Group

People or Process?

We were sitting down for dinner after a group performance meeting, and from the other end of the table, I heard a voice say three words “Wilkiel! People or Process?!”

While not everyone will agree with this, the answer seems obvious: people…


meet your team

Brandin wilkinson

Brandin Wilkinson’s journey in the automotive industry started 16 years ago, and for the past 13 years he has assumed pivotal roles in management, ownership, and executive positions. He currently serves as the Director of Leadership & Performance for the Bannister Automotive Group. 

On a more personal note, Brandin has been married for 15 years and is the proud parent of two remarkable children, Colden (13) and Nyla (10), both of whom are passionately immersed in a multitude of sports activities. Brandin has been professionally trained in Coaching via Performance Coach University, an institution accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). This certification is recognized as the Gold Standard in the realm of professional coaching. 


LAURIE bannister

Laurie Bannister has spent her entire career in the automotive industry, starting with her first job as a dealership Receptionist at the age of 13. She received her degree from the Canadian Automotive Institute and has been fortunate to experience a broad range of roles throughout her career

Her favourite part of this business has been, and always will be, the people in it. Following this passion, in 2017 Laurie became an Insights Discovery Practitioner, seeking how to better understand and support the different personality styles within the Bannister organization. Inspired to deeply understand the human mind, she became a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2018, and a Certified Coach through The Coaches Training Institute in 2019. Laurie has had the privilege of working with many members of the Bannister Automotive team through one-on-one coaching as well as Insights Discovery. In her personal life, Laurie is equally passionate about her family and whole-heartedly believes in “Family Business, Family Values”. 


PAM lowe

Pamela Lowe is the Communication & Support Specialist for the Bannister Automotive Group with focus on the Leadership Development Program. 

She obtained a Bachelor of Education Degree with a focus on Educational Psychology from the University of Alberta. Pamela’s automotive career began at 17 as a part-time receptionist, which then led to an exciting 10-year career as a Finance Manager. She is still involved in the store today with her husband, Mike. Pamela and Mike share five wonderful children between the ages of 8 and 13, keeping their lives full of fun and youthful energy.


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