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"I was only five years old back in 1948 when my Dad accepted the arrival of our family's first motor vehicle at the Grindrod train station and proudly drove it home to our farm. It was a brand new 1948 bright red Chevrolet 3⁄4 ton flatbed shipped all the way from Ontario. No longer would a McCormick-Deering tractor pulling a wagon be our only family outing vehicle.

The red Chevy doubled as a farm truck and family car. It blended memories of farm work with trips to movies in Enderby, picnics at Mara Lake, vegetable shopping at the huge Chinese vegetable farms in Armstrong, and fruit picking trips to Oyama orchards. As kids, my siblings and I always rode on the deck in the back, getting bug-smacked if we stood and butt-bruised from the rough gravel roads if we sat. Yet, most often, Dad was the only one in the cab. The joy of it all!

Perhaps the fond youthful memories contributed to the reason, but somewhere along life's early road, I became a Chevy man. Unfortunately, working weekends and summer breaks at local sawmills during high school years didn't provide enough in monetary savings for a dreamy Corvette or even a Corvair Monza Spyder. So after graduation, when I left home for a career in Ontario in the very first vehicle I ever purchased, I had to settle for a brand new 1962 green Corvair Custom 500 from Vernon Motor Products. Despite later criticisms by Ralph Nader, it served me well and was never a problem.

Since retiring to Vernon in 1996 I have purchased four Chevy pickups from Bannister as well as a Malibu for my wife, Myra – the most recent being a 2019 Silverado Crew Cab this past January. I might also add that both Myra and I had the honour of meeting the owner (at the time) and Business Award winner Lyn Bannister, who took the time to come and chat with us during one of our car-buying experiences.

The purpose of this letter is to acknowledge the efforts of your polite and dedicated staff who tend to ease much of the stress during vehicle purchasing sessions. Myra and I have always been made to feel welcome at your facility and, over the past two decades, we have come to know that your people are always ready and willing to take care of any of our vehicle problems, concerns, and service requirements to our satisfaction.

Specifically, I would like to bring to your attention three front line members that we have dealt with the longest and the most.

Firstly is Brad Nakucyj, General Sales Manager, whom we have known since he joined Bannister and sold us our first vehicle from your dealership. Since that “first buy” and with all subsequent vehicle sales, Brad has always been able to resolve any stalemated problems or concerns to our satisfaction while maintaining his commitment and loyalty to Bannister and GM. His “after-sales” interest in, and concerns with, previous customers continues long after the ink on the sales contract is dry. Such follow-up certainly entices a desire (and did) to maintain a connection when future vehicle considerations arise. We also congratulate him on the position he has attained within your organization.

Secondly is the smiling salesperson, Rob McLaren, we always try to beat to the front door. Being most frequently recognized for attaining the position of Salesperson of the Month is hardly surprising. Rob adds a personal touch long after a sale is made. Sometimes to follow up on a concern a customer may have, but sometimes it is just to “touch base” with former customers. As it has been said so many times before, “It's the little things that count.”

Thirdly, I'd like to mention long-time Service Advisor Barry Shaw. Friendly and courteous, his processing skills have vehicle service customers booked in, well-informed, and into the shuttle vehicle with driver Don in record time.

Due to these unprecedented times, I haven't been able to drive my Silverado as much as I had planned. However, every time I look in her direction I still get the feeling of wanting to “get up and go.” Thanks to everyone involved in my latest vehicle purchase, including Assistant Sales Manager, Chris Beaton and Finance Manager Theresa Laduke.

Myra and I sincerely appreciate the coordinated efforts of Bannister personnel that keep us driving our Chevrolets into our twilight years.

Best Regards"
- Andrew F. Maksymchuk

Bannister GM Vernon
Based on 656 reviews
Bannister GM Vernon
Based on 85 reviews
02:56 18 Jun 21
Very happy with my experience, patrick Dew was very helpful along the way!
Rodney D.
01:30 15 Jun 21
.Just had my new GM for it's first service. When you phone service the receptionist(s) are so friendly and helpful. When I took my truck in John in service knew exactly what they were going to do. He gave me an estimate how long it would take and as spot on. This group is always so friendly it makes you feel that they truly do appreciate you business. Two thumbs up
Rex A.
22:45 10 Jun 21
The great service you have given me over the year. Had car towed on Monday picked up at noon the next day all ready to go
Nelson K.
20:44 02 Jun 21
Great place, friendly staff always greated with a smile. Ask for Robert McLaren (best salesman)Tell them Nelson goggle guide sent you thanks have a great day. 😊
linda H.
03:12 02 Jun 21
Thank you Bannister GM Vernon B.C. Service was timely and efficient.
Jamie S.
22:07 28 May 21
Service Department took care of my needs. Nice people.However I shared a problem with the poor quality / craftsmanship on my Bakflip folding hard bed cover purchased through the dealership accessories when my truck was new 3.5 years ago. It is coming apart and has gained significant water weight and will need to be replaced at $1200+. No warranty coverage.:(Had I purchased the same at Cap-it, I would have lifetime coverage and replacement.Update: the dealership did follow up with their supplier and I now have a replacement in perfect working order👍🏻
Sean E.
16:54 26 May 21
Patrick and the team at Bannister were exceptional to deal with through the whole process of purchasing our new Sierra 1500 AT4. Thank you, Sean & Mel
Heywood M.
04:44 23 May 21
Our car was prepared for summer. A number of items were fixed , Oil changed, tires changed and aligned. Pleased with the explanations that were given to us. The car was ready when expected - the dealership provided ride home and pick up when the car was ready.
floyd S.
02:49 22 May 21
Great to deal with
Lea Angeli Q.
21:31 19 May 21
Very pleasant staff. It was a great experience dealing with them. So happy that our first experienced in buying new car was with them.
Gary W.
18:20 19 May 21
Great service always trying to do there best thanks Barry
Kelly N.
03:25 16 May 21
This is our fifth GM vehicle purchased through Bannister. Most recently we traded in our 2019 Yukon Denali and purchased a 2021 AT4. Going from what I’ve considered the best vehicle we’ve owned back to another pick up, I was surprised at the smooth ride and comfort the AT4 provides. It’s a beautiful truck inside and out. The transition from the Denali to the AT4 was surprisingly quick once I got behind the wheel. Lots of power under the hood and tons of room inside a really nicely designed cab. We are very happy with our new truck! Thanks to Rob Mclaren and all the staff at Bannister for putting us in our new truck.
Daryl K.
21:53 15 May 21
Great service. Great people. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Steve C.
22:01 14 May 21
Once again, Banister's in Vernon has provided timely service with attention to potential problems and appropriate preventative maintenance. Barry & the gang have made sure that I can look forward to a summer of trouble driving and trailering .. within the bounds of our Covid travel constraints!
Jon Van H.
04:57 13 May 21
Barry in service department was good to deal with..... straight forward and no surprises.I hate surprises.......
shanonn S.
23:24 12 May 21
I still stand by my 5 star rating.....from the time I bought my car to this past week when I had to take it in to have it fix because someone broke a window and scratched it.The service department is great to.The collision center is great.Sales...great.Still a five star rating. Great job.
Sam M.
19:59 11 May 21
Barry Shaw and the technicians were knowledgeable, helpful and easy to deal with. We highly recommend Bannister GM service department!
David G.
21:35 07 May 21
Always a good experience at Bannister service, both locations
Andrew L.
19:32 07 May 21
We were very impressed with the speed and service of getting checked in for our annual maintenance for our Chevy Bolt...Don Weglo is always a highlight as well 🙂 Thanks again to the whole team and topping up the charge on our corrected battery--Andrew
Lorrie P.
19:23 06 May 21
The staff is friendly. Waiting rooms and coffee, etc. were appreciated. The water is the best I have ever tasted. My vehicle was ready when they predicted.Thank you.
Jim H.
00:16 04 May 21
Vernon Bannister provides outstanding service and the workmanship is second to none. Best dealership I have ever dealt with.
Grant T.
19:06 03 May 21
Terry and Brad do a great job of taking care of you and they make sure everything is perfect on your purchase!
Colin B.
17:48 03 May 21
Very good service all the staff are very polite and treat me very well.
Ken B.
13:32 03 May 21
Great people! Great service!
Henrietta T.
02:14 03 May 21
This would be the 4th Vehicle we have bought from Bannister's and would never go anywhere else the people are the absolutely best Robert is always so accommodating and so helpful he is the best and would Recommend to all of my Friends.
Esther B.
01:16 02 May 21
The was our first time make a new vehicle purchase at Bannister GM Vernon. All aspects of the dealings were excellent. I sent an e-mail to the dealership and had a call back from sales consultant Robert McLaren. Later I went to dealership and met with Robert and Enzo Bonaccorso and later with Matt Derkson. It was smooth dealing with the three gentlemen as they were good listeners and took all conditions seriously and came back with a deal that was good for both sides. Thanks to Kim Anderson for "thinking outside the box" to save us time etc in transferring vehicle ownerships. I would certainly recommend this dealership to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle. Thanks you
john C.
23:58 30 Apr 21
Always friendly, good service. Trusted local dealer.10 years plus....always good.
doug M.
22:56 30 Apr 21
Great experience. Everyone very helpful. Shout out to Kim and Rob for being so professional.
Rod D.
15:07 30 Apr 21
Since purchasing out 2021 GM at Bannisters, we have ordered a tool chest for the box through Michael at Parts. The processed was prolonged but during the time Michael was on top of the issue and was able to keep me updated. Finally it became evident that General Motors could not supply the item and MIchael was instrumental in getting us our money back. We have had our truck into service twice since purchasing it. Once to install an accessory I ordered, and latest for a recall notice. In both instances I dealt with John in service. Great fellow. What I truly appreciate is that when you make an appointment your vehicle is in on time. To often in the past when making an appointment at a dealership two or more hours later your vehicle has not even been taken in to have the work done. John also provided me with an estimated duration to complete the work and was pretty much bang on. So far nothing but great things to say overall about Bannister GM Vernon
Karyn McConkey - K.
03:47 23 Apr 21
Fantastic Building but even better employees (Sean, Rob & Patrick) 👍👍👍
Dave P.
22:25 22 Apr 21
Very knowledgeable fellers and helpful land happy to help
Rhodena F.
22:04 22 Apr 21
Service department is always polite and helpful. They call when the truck is ready.Albert
Ginny S.
21:47 20 Apr 21
We absolutely loved our service at Bannister GM. We got a great deal on a fantastic truck and i didn't know you could buy a vehicle so quickly. I'm sticking with Bannister GM in Vernon For life.
Yolly A.
23:20 19 Apr 21
Their excellent customer services as well as very friendly staff
Ronald R.
23:05 18 Apr 21
I recently had a problem with the weather stripping around the driver's door of my 2019 Buick Regal GS. While it was nothing major when I showed the problem to my service person he told me he agreed that it should not be as it was. After speaking to the service manager I was informed that a new liner would be ordered to replace the defective one. I was called shortly after to come in and have the replacement installed while I waited.I think Bannister GM Vernon went above and beyond to see that I was happy.
John N.
03:27 18 Apr 21
I recommend banisters, for they are very knowledgable in what they do. Very friendly atmosphere, I recommend them I Recommend them very highly.
Marvin S.
00:33 18 Apr 21
Great service, knowledgeable easy to talk to.
Ken Z.
06:47 17 Apr 21
Knowledge of their product and caring attitude when dealing with customers.
Shawn F.
00:08 17 Apr 21
Needed to get an information code checked out for low coolant. They not only checked it out but they were also able to fix it and get me our of there in a couple hours! Thanks guys!
leo B.
22:54 16 Apr 21
As per usual the problem was handled with the utmost courtesy and professionalism and I am very pleased with the outcome
Graham P.
17:41 10 Apr 21
The dealership notified me of a recall from GM. I was able to make an appointment for the upgrade only a few days from the call. They took the car in for the upgrade without having to wait long. The upgrade was complete in about one hour. They phoned me to let me know the car was ready. They explained the details of the upgrade, and I was on my way in about 15 minutes. No wasted time for the whole experience.
Bonnie T.
21:40 09 Apr 21
It was just a seasonal tire changeover, but done smoothly and efficiently. Always appreciate the shuttle!
Linda H.
17:20 09 Apr 21
Their customer service is amazing!
Richard G.
17:18 03 Apr 21
Bannister GM does a great job of keeping my car working well, with efficient, friendly service. Doing everything that needs doing, but not doing anything which is unnecessary.
lucie L.
03:48 02 Apr 21
I had a issue with my wiper motor excellent service from the service department they replaced it in a timely manner John was very pleasant and easy to work with .
Betty Van D.
21:40 31 Mar 21
Bannister promotes the utmost care of my vehicle. John looked after me a few times - he is so personal and courteous and efficient.
Jerry E.
12:58 30 Mar 21
While driving my wife’s car; the service engine light came on - 10 am. I was a few minutes from home and drove directly there. I read the car manual and did what was suggested by the manual. No change. I phoned Bannister GM and asked to talk to Barry Shaw in service. He has looked after the servicing of our vehicles for a number of years. He offered up a couple of suggestions which I tried without success. I called him back and arranged to drive to the dealership to have the problem looked at. Barry did his check and said I would need to have it checked out. I did not have an appointment however Barry was able to get the car into the shop and within a couple of hours I was back on the road. The repair was covered by a GM policy and I was not out of pocket for any associated costs. While inconvenient; Barry promptly dealt with my issue in a professional and efficient manner. The man is a rock star and validated my loyalty to the GM brand and to the dealership. Thanks againJerry
Keith A.
01:15 30 Mar 21
Had an amazing experience buying my new truck. Enzo was super helpful and accommodating to our difficult schedule. This was probably my most enjoyable and easiest buying experience. Everyone there was cheerful and helpful when questions were asked and reassuring that if anything was needed to just call. Had zero feeling of pressure and would 1000% recommend Enzo to my friends and family. Thank you, and I love love love my new truck.
Kirk K.
15:44 15 Jul 20
Can’t say enough about the great service I receive at Bannister. I’ve bought 4 new and 2 used vehicles here and have always been treated fairly. I always recommend Bannister to my friends & family.
Great products, great dealership, great People.
Kelsie F.
19:26 30 Apr 20
Great experience with the entire new vehicle buying process!
Alysia P.
01:24 17 Oct 19
Absolutely the best service my husband and I have ever received from any dealership. Going above and beyond above expectations!! A huge shout out to Karen, and all of the GM team. You guys are amazing!!
Jenna C.
23:55 12 Oct 19
Top notch service ! Recently (as in today) made a trip over to check out a truck, well we came home in it ! Shout out to Karen and Scott for making the experience worthwhile.
Dave G.
03:16 13 Sep 19
Can’t say enough good things about Bannister GM Vernon. From my first phone call to driving off the lot with my new Duramax truck today, these guys did everything they could do to help me and make me feel comfortable with my decision. Wayne was my salesman and he was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with the entire process and when I asked a question about the mechanical side that he was unsure of the answer he took me back into the shop and got the answer from the the mechanics. Thanks Wayne and everyone at Bannister Vernon you’ve made me a Chevy guy pretty darn quick.
Lori C M.
22:46 02 Aug 19
Had my oil changed in my truck on Thursday. Thank you to my Son-in-law Jordan Burger for doing that 😊
Shannon S.
18:56 13 May 19
everything from sales to service and their body shop.
I had a window smashed in and they are going above and beyond to make it right.
very very happy
thank you Jesse.
Marlene A.
18:52 25 Dec 18
very helpful and positive!
Genny C.
00:41 24 Dec 18
Great service, highly recommend!!! Our fav vehicle purchase experience ever by far!
Pat H.
17:47 23 Dec 18
Rob and Chris are always a delight to deal with. Merry Christmas. We love Bannister Vernon.
Christy Lee S.
22:40 19 Dec 18
love them! always helpful and friendly!
Wayne D.
00:30 16 Dec 18
Recently bought a new 2019 Duramax 3500. Young salesman Michael Lizee was very knowledgeable and thorough on specifications and features. Sales manages Brad and Chris made sure everything went smoothly. Highly recommend this team. It was seamless from start to finish.
Norm L.
01:57 13 Dec 18
We had the pleasure of dealing with Barry Shaw when we had our vehicle in for a service and some work done. Very professional and best customer service all around. Thanks again!
Norm and Julie
Paul P.
19:43 12 Dec 18
Darcy and his team were very knowledgeable and helpful in regards to some minor warranty issues I had with my truck. Everything was fixed in a timely manner and I would definitely come back to Bannister for any services moving forward.
Kris L.
04:56 09 Dec 18
I had a very excellent experience at Bannister GM. Everyone was so helpful in finding the right car for me. The service was exceptional. Could not have went any better. Thanks
Linda H.
23:55 07 Dec 18
good service nice people
Katie M.
05:45 07 Dec 18
The staff were knowledgeable, professional and friendly!
Rob O.
00:34 05 Dec 18
Great service today. New to area from Ontario and took my truck in for its first service. Quick and efficient. Thank you!
Mike A.
21:23 03 Dec 18
Service appointment was on time , problem fixed, professional and courteous
Brad T.
00:53 03 Dec 18
they tested me good there
Deanna S.
21:29 22 Nov 18
All the service people are friendly and knowledgeable.
Janine F.
05:39 20 Nov 18
good customer service
fast and reliable
Christina L.
18:58 01 Nov 18
Best customer service, always friendly, knowledgeable & very professional. After 3 vehicle bought through Bannister GM Vernon, I have always been completely satisfied with the whole process & service.
Ryan K.
20:04 31 Oct 18
See Chad Batchelder. I love cars, roll through them frequently and he’s easily the best! He won’t pressure you and has a knack for suggesting what you need rather than just trying to upsell like the rest. An honest fellow!
Clinton B.
02:49 29 Oct 18
Excellent People and Great Truck!
Lisa Porter R.
17:15 28 Oct 18
The staff at Bannisters were so friendly and it was a pleasure dealing with them. They had the paperwork for a new vehicle done very quickly! I’d deal there again for sure. �� two thumbs up! �
Theresa St L.
00:17 20 Oct 18
Friendly, efficient service.
Gina Christiansen R.
21:38 18 Oct 18
We were very pleased with the level of service we received at the service department. The staff are friendly and helpful.
Steve H.
20:09 17 Oct 18
The service is great and on time
Rex A.
00:02 16 Oct 18
I just had Eqinox in for service and a rattle in the back they said it was fixed but noise was still there as I drove in parking lot
Theresa L.
19:06 04 Oct 18
Very efficient and accommodating.
Marianne Lindsey B.
00:56 04 Oct 18
Friendly & quick service. The shuttle was very convenient & on time. My SUV was left clean with no dirty boot prints on the rug.
Good work. Thank you !!!
Dave F.
16:37 01 Oct 18
The service is amazing and the staff take the time to answer any questions.
Sylvie M.
15:12 30 Sep 18
What an amazing, friendly & knowledgeable team! They made the process so simple & effortless. Way to go Sheldon for going above & beyond & helping us find our perfect car! Purchasing our new 2018 Chevrolet Cruze was an absolute pleasure!! Thank you!!!
Rob & Sylvie Mullaly 😄
Nikki N.
17:34 29 Sep 18
Every moment of buying my new car was very easy and comfortable. Everyone at Bannister treats you like an old friend and are so friendly. Would 100% reccommend!
Jay N.
18:29 27 Sep 18
Great & friendly service selling a great product. Very satisfied customer. Go see Terry Baptist & Chris Beaton
Lisa B.
17:31 21 Sep 18
Barry always helps get our vehicles in when needed.
Debby F.
01:42 19 Sep 18
Excellent service! Great staff
Aubrey C.
02:49 18 Sep 18
The service was very good and efficient and explained very well
Tim S.
17:51 30 Aug 18
Very friendly, great service and knowledge. Always doing follow-ups
Anthony P.
23:37 15 Aug 18
I honestly don’t think this will do Bannister GM justice, because if I could; I would leave 10 stars! Rob Mclaren was amazing throughout the whole vehicle purchasing process. I will continue to purchase vehicles through Rob as long as I’m in Vernon and I would drive here just to be serviced by this genuine guy! 10/10!
Michelle B.
23:44 08 Aug 18
Robert was very helpful in assisting me in exactly what I was looking for I absolutely love my 2018 GMC terrain drives like a dream I would definitely recommend bannister GM to all my friends and family thank you so much!😊
Garry B.
02:48 03 Jul 18
i have enjoyed dealing with Bannister GM .It was always a pleasure to talk to Brad and Rob and my Chevy Silverado pu has been a great truck . I ,if I decide to buy a new one it will be at Bannisters
Sherri S.
19:10 18 May 18
In and out! Fast service, courteous. Thanks Jessica Verigin
Amanda R.
17:47 18 May 18
Great sales people. Terry makes every deal very smooth and easy!
Amanda G.
10:21 29 Apr 18
My husband and I both purchased new vehicles from Bannister back in 2008. Everything went smoothly and although due to a growing family we traded my cobalt in, 380,000kms later, our Silverado is still going strong! We couldn't say enough good things about the salemen, finance crew, and service department.
Sophie Anna-Marie S.
06:00 29 Apr 18
Absoulty fantastic! Great service! Great communication with customers!
Terry H.
18:35 07 Apr 18
We have dealt with Rob Mclaren over 10 years now as our salesperson and he has always treated us like family and has always looked after us. We have now bought five vehicles from him and if we ever need another one he will be my first call.
Never as a number but truly concerned for our well being.
He is considered a friend and not just a salesperson I know.
If I have any concerns he is always there for us.
One can do no wrong by using him as their salesperson.
Michael R.
17:28 03 Apr 18
Knowledgeable staff and reasonable prices, I will be back! 🙂
Deb K.
20:53 20 Mar 18
Fantastic service from all of the staff at Bannister! Highly recommend them
Jesse F.
13:31 15 Mar 18
Great experience. Robert was awesome to deal with.
Karmen B.
02:59 29 Jan 18
Always a pleasure dealing with Robert at GM!
I have now bought 2 vehicles from Bannister GM and love them both!

Thanks for the excellent service !
Paddie Faust F.
17:06 22 Jan 18
It’s not often one is impressed with both a brand and staff equally but certainly Bannister has encompassed both without exception. Keeping those customers happy means being responsive to their needs and wants. A good customer service experience can turn a one-time customer into a lifelong repeat customer. Rob McLaren and Bannister both get my vote.
Larry G.
00:33 22 Nov 17
Was great experience and Jessica is great at her job and easy to talk to ..thanks
Rob B.
01:46 01 Aug 17
Thanks to Mac and the rest of the banisters crew for meeting all my truck needs. You guys were amazing!
Scott A. M.
03:49 20 Jun 17
Excellent sales and service, no reason to go anywhere else!!!
Clint B.
01:39 26 May 17
Best experience I've ever had, they appraised my trade in over email as I was out of town and ended up giving me even more for it when I brought it in! They worked really hard to give me the best deal possible and I will be coming back for every new vehicle I buy for the rest of my life! They even stayed open late on the may long weekend so I was able to get the truck that day. If your looking for a honest trustworthy dealership look no farther! Manager brad and salesman terry is who sold me my 2017 gmc canyon and i couldn't be happier!