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From the Bannister Family

Welcome to the Bannister Automotive Group! For over 40 years, the Bannister Family and our partners have been bringing quality automotive products and services to communities across Western Canada. Starting with our first store in 1979, our company has lived by the motto "A Family Business with Family Values", and we extend this to the people we work with, with competitive wages, excellent benefits, and an outstanding company culture.

We are thrilled to be purchasing Smith Chevrolet Cadillac, Kamloops Hyundai, and Mobile Finance, and adding Kamloops and the Thompson Valley to the list of communities we serve.

Our number one priority is making this transition as seamless as possible for you.

We know there's likely a lot of questions and uncertainty as we embark on this journey, and we've put together a comprehensive list of questions we anticipate will be asked. Did we miss anything? Ask us! Submit your questions via the contact form below, and we'll get you your answer.

We're so excited to welcome you to the Bannister family, and we can't wait to see what we can all do together.


The Bannisters

From Arsalan Zuhair

To the teams at Kamloops Hyundai and Smith Chevrolet Cadillac:

Please let me start by saying how excited and honoured my wife Terrilyn and I are to be embarking on this new chapter with you in Kamloops, the heartbeat of the Thompson Valley.

It’s clear that the success of these dealerships is by no mistake and has only been made possible due to the incredible people and systems Mike, Anthony, and their trusted support teams have helped put into place.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you all better as the next few weeks and months unfold and we find our stride, and to building upon the great success you have built, together.


Arsalan Zuhair

Arsalan Zuhair

Frequently Asked Questions

Operations and Organizational Changes

Founded by Lyn and Joanne Bannister in Barrhead, Alberta, this family business is led by their children Chad (Nadine), Mark (Laurie) and Mary Jo, their Dealer partners, General Managers, and the Dealer Support Team based in Kelowna, BC.

There will be no impact to the current daily operation at your stores. It will be business as usual as we work together to continue to grow our business. Arsalan Zuhair will be the General Manager of Bannister Chevrolet Cadillac Kamloops and Bannister Hyundai Kamloops.  Arsalan and his wife Terrilyn are partners with the Bannister Family on both dealerships.

First, and most importantly, we see the fantastic culture of the Kamloops teams as an ideal fit for the Bannister group. Our expectation is that our organizations will find a lot of shared values and priorities. From the business side, we see this not only as an opportunity to bring several high-performing well,-established businesses into our group, we also see Kamloops as an area of high growth and an opportunity in another fantastic community in British Columbia.

The Bannister Automotive Group has a Dealership Support Team in Kelowna, BC, that houses additional support resources for the entire group.

As our company has grown, we have always taken the strategy of “buy, invest, and grow” through our mergers and acquisitions.  We look for partners with similar values, and portfolios that are complementary, and we invest in businesses that can support our current and future growth expectations.

With the acquisitions, the official business names will be changing as follows:

Bannister Chevrolet Cadillac Kamloops Ltd
Bannister Hyundai Kamloops
Mobile Lease & Finance (2023) Inc.

Continuous improvement is a big part of the Bannister culture. One of the huge benefits of having a group of stores is the ability to experiment, share information, and apply best practices on a group-wide scale. Our partners and managers work together to improve quality, safety, customer service, efficiency and cost in areas where it makes sense. We intend to work the same way with the Kamloops stores, and we expect to learn a lot from you in the process!

Bannister has several subject matter experts at Dealer Support Team in areas such as Accounting, Finance, Operations Management, Marketing, and Human Resources. This staff provides resources, knowledge and expertise to all of our stores, and we are excited to offer this same support to the Kamloops stores.

Absolutely. We know there’s a lot we can learn from the Kamloops stores, and we’re looking forward to sharing and discussing best practices that we can be applied to all of our dealerships.

Job Security, Benefits, and Human Resources

Our motto for this transition is “business as usual”, and we do not intend to lay off staff because of this acquisition. Our goal is to grow our business in Kamloops, and our employees are an important part of that. We are going to take our time to fully understand the businesses, get to know our new team mates, and look at how we can better integrate shared resources into the Bannister group.

Currently, we do not have any immediate plans to make changes to your benefits. The Bannister family understands that for many employees, benefits are an extremely important part of their compensation package. One of the many great advantages of being part of the Bannister Automotive Group is our ability to source out the industry’s best benefit offerings at the greatest value to our employees.

Yes, employees will continue to receive their current incentives open to Kamloops employees. Bannister Automotive Group also offers significant incentives to their employees, and over time these will be aligned between organizations.

Although the end goal is to have the Kamloops team transition over to the Bannister Automotive Group’s centralized payroll system (ADP Workforce Now), this will not be an immediate change. Over the coming months, the DST team will be working with your administration team on a transition plan and timeline. This will be shared with everyone once this timeline has been finalized.

Communications Strategy

In January 2023 we will provide you with a letter to communicate to all our business partners and advise them of the change in ownership and operating names.

While we will be making our official announcements later in January 2023, we understand some key stakeholders require some advance notice. If you believe key customers, organizations, vendors, or partners require advance notice, please contact Arsalan at arsalan.zuhair@bannisters.com.
Prior to the official announcement, we ask that you keep this confidential.

All media inquiries should be forwarded to:

Arsalan Zuhair

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Arsalan Zuhair

Adrienne McKellar
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